Are You a Liberal or a Conservative?

Are You a Liberal or a Conservative?

What Does It Mean To Be A Liberal?

Your philosophies are:  You are often in favor of government intervention and government programs (pro-regulation).  You are for an ever-growing government. You believe that national security must be attained by negotiation and dialog. You emphasize economic redistribution.  A “liberal” individual tends to philosophically believe in a majority of the following political positions:

  • Abolition of the death penalty
  • Believe in affirmative action
  • Disapproves of  prayer in classrooms & school sponsored events.
  • Equal opportunities for men and women in the military including female combat troops.
  • Government-rationed & taxpayer-funded health care (example: Single Payer Health Care Coverage).
  • Government spends more on social programs (also higher taxes to fund these programs).
  • Income redistribution (through progressive taxation) (tends to buy votes with freebies).
  • Legalizing abortion & pro-choice.
  • Legalizing same-sex marriages and freedom to use whatever gendered bathroom you choose.
  • Supports by-passing the process of congressional law making for executive branch regulations excluding the wishes of the American voters.  The bureaucrats are making the laws not Congress.
  • Opposes full private property rights (Eminent Domain)(Permission for the government to take your property).
  • Support of labor unions that take ever-growing dues from members and turns over a portion of dues to liberal candidates.
  • Supports Globalism (“one world government”), and abolishing borders for all countries.
  • Supports obscenity and pornography as our First Amendment rights.
  • Supports teaching comprehensive sex education programs in schools (as opposed to abstinence-only programs).
  • Supports a “Living Constitution” reinterpreted for modern times (ignoring the  original interpretation).
  • Supports the by-passing of the U.S. Constitution by the executive branch of government through executive orders.
  • Supports disarmament treaties and the reduction of our military.
  • Supports anti-gun laws.
  • Supports sanctuary cities and counties in which illegal immigrants are seldom prosecuted for felonies.
  • You oppose laws requiring the presentation of a photo I.D. before one can vote.

What Does It Mean To Be A Conservative?

Your philosophies are: You are for fiscal responsibility.  You are for more freedom and less government.  You tend to be pro-business growth, anti-tax and anti-regulation.  You are against run away government spending and debt.  You are for border security and a strong national defense to protect our nation.  You believe that prosperity comes from economic growth.  A “conservative” individual tends to philosophically believe in a majority of the following political positions:

  • Believes in the original intent of our Constitution and wants to see it preserved.
  • Actively supports a return of prayer in schools.
  • Believes in our Second Amendment ‘Right to Keep and Bear Arms’.
  • Believes that local school districts should decide curriculum not the federal government.
  • Believes in a strong national defense.
  • Endorses school vouchers and school choice.
  • Endorses lower taxes & tax cuts.
  • Favors stronger law enforcement,  the death penalty, and are pro-police.
  • Generally doesn’t care much for the United Nations and foreign aid.
  • Opposes same-sex marriages and believes whatever the gender on your birth certificate says is the bathroom you use.
  • Staunchly pro-life and wants to stop abortions used for family planning.
  • Supports free enterprise & wants to open foreign markets to products made in the USA.
  • Supports limited government, free markets, and a balanced budget.
  • Supports strong public morality.
  • Supports laws against pornography & obscenities.
  • Supports enforcement of current immigration laws and a tightening of our border security.
  • Supports private medical care, doctor-patient decision making, & the exclusion of government bureaucrats in making our health decisions.


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